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Semi-rigid Polymer Composite Network (HopeNet) adopts special netting technology with our own intellectual property rights to produce high-durability, anti-corrosion, high pollution- resistance, super deep sea aquaculture network.


After years of intensive research and development, HopeNet is completely superior to copper alloy mesh and composite nylon/ polyethylene mesh which are used in aquaculture industry. Its durability, pollution pollution-resistance, light- weight, with the deformation- resistance mesh, mesh deformation resistance and many other characteristics have significantly improved the production efficiency in aquaculture production. It has become the most advantageous net in deep-sea aquaculture industry.


In addition to produce HopeNet, according to customer needs and mesh characteristics, Ningbo Hope Net Marine Sci-Tech Co.,Ltd also provide customers with the design, manufacture and installation services of netting system for deep- sea aquaculture platform, cage and purse net as well as the matching maintenance services such as net washing, net changing and net repairing, to meet the needs of different types of customers.


HopeNet is the best choice for your aquaculture nets. HopeNet provide new materials and equipment for aquaculture. Investors will benefits from the application of HopeNet. HopeNet can reduce production intensity and risk, significantly improve production efficiency and benefit from it benefit. If you compare the cost of the entire lifecycle of HopeNet with the traditional cage nets while using cages, platforms, boats or seines, you will find many advantages of our nets, like the increasing of fisheries production, operating costs reducing.


Long-Lasting Design Life

HopeNet is made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) monofilaments woven together to form a tough, high tensile strength, structurally stable hexagonal mesh. HopeNet has been exposed to mechanical damage and extreme weather. Useable in wide temperature range. HopeNet offers a 10- 20year design life.


High Resistance to Predators Attacks

The stiff, yet lightweight, HopeNet net pen is very resistant to predator bites, entanglement or chafing damage. Only a single layer of HopeNet is required to keep your fish stocks safe, reducing costs and risk.


Product parameters

Mesh size T (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Weight Rolls width (m)
Small Mesh 2,00 35 40 43 37 320 g/sq.m 1,60
Small Mesh 2,50 35 40 43 37 570 g/sq.m 1,60
Small Mesh 3,00 35 40 43 37 850 g/sq.m 1,60
Large Mesh 2,50 45 50 71 59 400 g/sq.m 2,00
Large Mesh 3,00 45 50 71 59 590 g/sq.m 2,00
Super Large Mesh 2,50 73 80 100 85 280 g/sq.m 1,80
Super Large Mesh 3,00 73 80 100 85 360 g/sq.m 1,80

A = width inside
B = width center
C = height inside
D = diagonal inside
T = PET monofilament thickness

Monofilament Properties

Physical Properties Test Method Units MF3.0 MF2.5
Material PET PET
Colour black black
Nominal Diameter mm 3.0 2.5
Tolerance before production of mesh mm 土0.2 土0.18

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength EN IS0527 Mpa ≥230 ≥230
Elongation at break EN IS0527 % ≥30 ≥30
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 Mpa ≥7000 ≥7000.
UV resistance EN 1804492-3 Mpa ≥200 ≥200
Heavy Metal Free ROHS Directive Conformity Conformity

Small Mesh-M40


Large Mesh - M45

Characteristics of the Net

Nominal Characteristics Large Mesh Small Mesh
Mesh Size 45 35
Pitch 50 40
Length 70 43
Mass per unit area kg/sqm 0.59 0.57
Tensile Strength, MD 20mm/min at 20 ±5℃ kN/m ≥40 ≥35
Tensile Strength, CMD 20mm/min at20 ±5℃ kN/m ≥22 ≥20


Structure and shape

Customised shapes.
Customised dimensions.
Jump net.
Bird net.
Delivered pre-assembled.

The "Waterline” of the net pen is designed for simple assembly with a floating cage collar.

The "Bottom Line” is designed for simple attachment of sinker tube.

Accurate finishing,attention to construction details, stringent QA&QC, safe, strong and robust construction .

A variety of standard net pens are available, but they can be customised to suit your site, species and dimensional requirements. The dimensions may change, but the quality is always high!

Shape Hopenet Hopenet Hopenet Hopenet


Side/ Diameter m Upon request Upon request Upon request Upon request
Top Perimeter / Circumference m Upon request Upon request Upon request Upon request
Tapering Rate m - - Approx. 5% Approx. 5%
Side wall depth m Upon request Upon request Upon request Upon request

Bottom type

Flat(bottom depth- 0m)
Conical (Bottom depth .3-6m) N.A N.A
Pyramidal (Bottom depth .3-6m) N.A N.A

Molecular bonding of polymer composite monofilaments is still. unstable at the end of production, and will be stabilized after 2 to 3years, the strength will also be improved constantly during the meantime. According to the test results,the strength will not decrease sharply with time, and the durability of applications on land can be maintained for more than 50 years. Applied to the field of marine aquaculture, the longest life span can be more than 10 years.


Product advantages


Reduced Cleaning

Reduced downtime for cleaning, means greater profits. The smooth PET monofilaments of HopeNet dramatically reduce biofouling. Antifouling paint is not necessary, and the net pen does not necessarily have to be removed from the water for cleaning.


Resistant to fatigue bending

The comparison of HopeNet and copper alloy materials through homogenous friction damage and monofilament bending tests shows that The fatigue bending performance of HopeNet is 300 times+ of copper net.


Maximise water flow

The PET monofilaments have high intensity and weight. Couple this with HopeNet's anti-fouling properties and make HopeNet with a higher mesh ratio. This enables greater water flow and better oxygenation.


Structural Stability

The woven hexagonal mesh of HopeNet is far stiffer than traditional polymer meshes. The net pen shape is more stable and resistant to currents and waves, enabling the net pen to be used further offshore than traditional nets.


Reduce the escape risk of farmed fish

HopeNet PET monofilaments is waving by manipulator which gives it higher intensity Even if the mesh is damaged it will hardly unravel or unzip, maintaining the integrity of the net pen and your fish stocks within it.


Easy to handle

HopeNet can remain in the water for years without removal for cleaning or anti-fouling treatment. It practically does not absorb water and become saturated, making it easier and safer to handle, even when wet.


Product comparison

Example of HopeNet in marine current HopeNet
Conventional Net pens in the same marine current


Product performance

Characteristics of the Net

Nominal Characteristics Large Mesh Small Mesh
Mesh Size 45 35
Pitch 50 40
Length 70 43
Mass per unit area kg/sqm 0.59 0.57
Tensile Strength, MD 20mm/min at 20 ±5℃ kN/m ≥40 ≥35
Tensile Strength, CMD 20mm/min at20 ±5℃ kN/m ≥22 ≥20
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