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Aquaculture and net-tying part

Yantai customer cage
Diameter: 36m
Depth: 11.6m
Single breeding volume: 10,000 cubic meters
Farmed fishes: Pagrus Major / porphyry sea bream / black catfish
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Shandong customer fence
Inner network diameter: 42.4m
Outer net diameter: 51.4m
Depth: 16.0m
Breeding volume: 160,000 cubic meters
Farmed fishes: Pagrus Major /grouper
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Zhoushan customer cage
Diameter: 5.6m
Depth: 16.2m
Breeding volume: 724 cubic meters
Farmed fish: Atlantic salmon
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Taiwan customer cage
Diameter: 20m
Depth: 8m
Single-port cage culture volume: 2260 cubic meters
Farmed fish: Pagrus Major/porphyry bream
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Shanwei customer cage
Diameter: 17m
Depth: 6m
Single breeding volume: 430 cubic meters
Farmed fish: Pagrus Major /porphyry bream
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Guangxi Beihai Customer Cage
Guangxi Beihai Customer Cage
Size: 15.3m*15.3m
Depth: 12m
Single breeding volume: 2800 cubic meters
Farmed fish: Pagrus Major
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Stadium protective net
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Rockfall protection net
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Fence protection net
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Building Use Network
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