Placement Net Cage


Placement Net Cage

We offer the technical guidance covering almost elements,for example,seabed topography, seabed geology, ocean current and shoal’s pass-course are all be considered. The location and setting of fishery are the most vital elements.

At first, we will investigate the fishery, and collect the essential data about ocean current and depth of water or other details. Then we will analyze the situation of fishery on the basis of the characteristics.


At the same time, we will adjust the customer's requirements before design the. When we finish the manufacture, the equipment and facilities will be installed by our technicians.

As for new clients, we offer the technicians guidance including manufacture, replacement of parts or product maintenance according to your requirements. We also run the surrounding supporting.


Mini Placement Net Cage

Fishing devices used by single-man are mainly suited in water with a depth of less than 6 meters

Easy operation: pull the rope, catch the conical ring net with full of fish, then to get the fish out.

Install features: Simple construction, easy operation, and we recommend it to greenhorns.


Modified Placement Net Cage

Our products are rationally modified from Placement Net Cage; make the devices smaller and more portable, as well as easily operation. The devices are suited in water with a depth between 12 to 25 meters.


This kind of Placement Net Cage is the regular type of medium or large scale.

We make it in two layer to improve the fish’s survival rates.  We call it updated version.

These devices are used by 2 to 4 person together, using the roll to draw the net in. Not only saves energy but also save manpower.

When you pull the rope and the net would be tightened automatically,then the part you hold is where the fish are.These devices are suited to where the ocean current speed is fast, and could catch the fish on the deep sea, because of the deep location where the devices are.


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